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Voice Actor, David Cherry

David Cherry is an Atlanta-based SAG voice actor whose diverse talents bring characters to life across gaming, animation, and commercials. With a knack for authenticity and a passion for storytelling, David's voice has graced the digital realms of gaming and animation, while his recent commercial ventures include regional spots for Zaxby, Dennys and Under Armour.

His versatility extends beyond the microphone, as David has lent his voice to on-camera promotions for esteemed brands like Carl's Jr, Hardees, Verizon, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim and hosting experience for Amazon Prime's Gen V & Invincible. Whether it's captivating audiences with animated characters or delivering compelling commercial content, David Cherry is your trusted partner in breathing life into your projects.

David is not just a voice actor – he's also a prominent Twitch Ambassador and Partner known as DataDave on Twitch.tv. With a focus on MMOs, RPGs, and horror games, David engages his vibrant community of 65,000+ followers through immersive gameplay and interactive live voiceovers. Each week, he collaborates with guest voice actors to bring video games and webtoon-based content to life for his dedicated audience.

Ready to elevate your characters, animations, and projects to new heights? Look no further than David Cherry – your trusted voice actor and creative collaborator.

My Goal

Is to bring to life projects with my passion, skillset, and drive in all forms of Voice over. I love acting and doing the work, so I value every chance I get the opportunity to do so. I look forward to working with you!

My Gear

  • Studio: Double Walled, Fully treated Vocal Booth

  • Mics: Neumann u87 ai, Sennheiser MKH 416

  • Interface: SSL2 USB Interface

  • Computer: Custom Built Computer

  • DAW: Adobe Audition

  • Recording: SourceConnect, Skype, Discord, Zoom, and other options upon request.

My Training

  • Gary L. Gray - Character VO (Present)

  • Dorah Fine - Character VO (Present)

  • Dave Bisson - Commercial VO (Present)

  • Bill Holmes - Commercial VO (2022)

  • J. Michael Collins - Commercial/Promo (2022)

  • David Sobolov - Character/Animation VO(2022)

  • Tony Oliver's ADR from Home Workshops (2021)

  • Richard Redfield - Trailer VO Lessons (2021)

  • Donovan Corneetz - Promo VO Lessons (2021)

  • Crispin Freeman - Acting Lessons (2020)

  • Richard Horvitz's Weekend Workshop (2020)

  • Tomasian Entertainment- Voiceover Lessons (2017-2020)

  • Bob Carter Voice acting workshops (2017)